Wedding Flowers Sydney

Let us wow you at The Posy Place on your big day. With over 20 brilliant years of floral experience and only the freshest, most high-quality flowers, the Posy Place will create the wedding arrangements of your dreams! We want nothing less than your complete satisfaction here at The Posy Place. That’s why we offer an extensive range of wedding flower packages. No matter what you need, your budget, theme, or style, you will love what we do.

Supporting a Sydney business - wedding flowers Sydney

Yes, we’re not just another one of those faceless multi-national corporations. When you buy from The Posy Place, you’re not only helping to support one Sydney-run business but also our local suppliers and growers. With everything grown right here, we guarantee you’ll receive the freshest blooms and blossoms. At The Posy Place, we ensure all our posies and bouquets are of the highest standards. We will put your wedding flower packages and wedding flower bouquets together on the day of your reception. Then, we wet-wrap the flowers and store them in a cool place until we deliver them to your venue. Your guests will appreciate the lustrous, aromatic petals in their peak freshness and full bloom.

Sydney wedding florist delivering Sydney-wide

Our wedding flower packages can be delivered anywhere in Sydney, any day you need them. We will do our best to have your wedding flower bouquets at your chosen destination or venue whenever you need them. From Waverton to Cremorne Point, Neutral Bay to Kirribilli, check our map to see more information about where we deliver and what we charge. We also offer VIP and express delivery options, so do take a look.

Wedding flowers Sydney - wedding flower packages

Whether you need wedding bouquets, buttonholes, venue decorations, headpieces, garlands, ceremonial flowers, table centrepieces, floral table runners, arches, take-home posies for your guests, or anything else, we can do it. No wedding order is too big or too small! It’s not just flowers, either - our other local products and gifts include a range of chocolate products, cuddly Snuggle Buddies toys, and botanical greeting cards. All are produced here in Australia, and you will be helping to support a local business whatever you go for. So check out our full range to find out more.

Wedding bouquets - which will you go for?

Which wedding flower packages do you prefer for your wedding day? Traditional wedding flower bouquets? Or something a little more unique? At The Posy Place, we can deliver whatever you like. We’ve got all the classic wedding flower packages, including timeless dahlia, rose, or peony, as well as cutting-edge modern wedding bouquets like calla lilies, succulents, tropical leaves, or even pampas grass! We also have vases, scented reed diffusers, and candles if you fancy something more to go with your flowers. These alternatives make great options for table centrepieces or as decorations. Why not also send your guests home with a special gift?

Classic wedding flower bouquets

Some wedding flowers are truly timeless. Many flowers hold significant meanings for weddings, including their colour, shape, ancient mythology, and associated stories. But, of course, they also just look good!


A popular option across the country for several occasions - commonly gifted on Mother’s Day - this colourful addition to wedding flower bouquets never gets old.


Sure, one of the biggest and most well-known symbols of love has to be the rose. The iconic red rose is one of the most popular wedding flower options. This is no surprise when you consider that the colour red symbolises love.

Modern wedding flower packages?

Maybe there is a flower that holds a special meaning in your life, instead? A cherished memory or special occasion? Perhaps you always grew a particular plant in your backyard? Whatever blooms you love, we can make it happen at The Posy Place. Contact us to find out more about what we can do.

Pampas grass

Pampas grass is everywhere at the moment. Soft and understated, yet fluffy and dreamy, it’s the perfect backdrop to both bold flowers and to round off a pastel theme. Strong, warm and shielding at winter gatherings, as well as wispy and gentle during the summer months of the year, pampas grass is perfect all round. 

Bird of Paradise

Why not make a bold, modern statement with a large Bird of Paradise? One of the most dramatic modern wedding bouquets we’ve seen in recent years, this massive flower is sure to catch everyone’s eye and make a true statement, whether part of your bouquet or used in the decorations. 


Bouquets are supposed to be something that lasts, right? And sure, they’re not exactly the most orthodox choice. But if you want a memory to cherish or simply want some beautiful plants at your wedding, stunning, colourful, pollen-free succulent cacti are the way to go. Prickle-free and in gorgeous pinks and reds, many succulents look very regal.